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Soneva Fushi is offering 30% discount for Russians
Soneva Fushi is offering 30% discount for Russians

Soneva Fushi is offering 30% discount for Russians

If you are a Russian, don’t miss out on this chance to visit Maldives on a cheaper rate than you normally would because Soneva Fushi is offering 30% discount for Russians. You may have already heard of the luxury resort Soneva Fushi Maldives as the desert island hideaway, and now you have the chance to go on a budget holiday with this offer.

Soneva Fushi is offering 30% discount for Russians to visit this jewel of an island that will take you on new adventures and fill you with extraordinary memories. The special discount offer is to be used and only applicable on room rates. Stay in any of the ravishingly designed, spacious 55 multi-bedroom luxury villas. At Soneva Fushi you can delight in a great number of activities some of which are not available in any other resort here in Maldives. Feast on delicious cuisines from around the world at any dining areas in this luxurious hotel.

Replacing back to the past offer which was launched in January 2015, Soneva Fushi is offering 30% discount for Russians which lasts till 31 May 2015. However, there is a black out period from 28th March to 10th April. If you have made a booking before 6th February then this offer cannot be applicable for you. Similarly, the 30% discount offer is not eligible for bookings made outside the above mentioned dates. It is only applicable for FIT bookings and not for groups, conferences or meetings. Combining the discount offer with other special offers is not possible either.

If you are a Russian wanting to visit Maldives, then make sure to use this special 30% discount offer before the 31st of May 2015. When making a reservation for this offer please specify the booking code SF/30%/Mar-May/2015.

You can easily make a reservation through us by clicking here.

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All inclusive holiday packages at Kurumba Maldives
Beach of Kurumba Maldives

All inclusive holiday packages at Kurumba Maldives

Kurumba is one of the best five star all inclusive resort and the first ever private resort in Maldives that opened in 1972. Just a 10 minute speedboat ride from Male’ City, this luxury resort proudly flaunts its history and genuine service that is guaranteed to win your heart with a true Maldivian experience. Make use of all inclusive holiday packages at Kurumba Maldives and escape inside the beauty of this stunning island, packed with lush greenery resting on a bed of plush sand.

Chill in one of the 26 luxurious villas surrounded by natures polish green, 75 deluxe bungalows with a view of the beautiful ocean just steps away, 78 well-appointed rooms and 1 opulent royal residence. Each of which is elegantly designed from every corner, to make your stay comfortable yet luxurious from within.  All inclusive holiday packages at Kurumba Maldives offers budgeted discounts for most of the numerous types of accommodations that are available. Which includes 20% off of room rates when stayed a total minimum of 4 nights. You can have a Family Getaway with complimentary accommodation and breakfast for 2 children aged 0 to 11 that can be combined with other holiday offers. Or an intimate vacation filled in romance with special honeymoon packages.

All inclusive holiday packages at Kurumba Maldives lets you wine and dine with special meal plans that can be customized with your preferences. Select from full board, half board and all inclusive meal plans. If you haven’t already booked to stay with the meal plans offer then you can upgrade right after you arrive at the resort. Choose tons of different settings with excellent views to indulge in exquisite cuisines available in over 8 restaurants and bars.

There are plenty of amusing activities offered daily at this luxury resort such as; local island experiences, a tour of Male’, quest to search for dolphins, discovering the coral reefs standing on a glass-bottom boat, go fishing, hop on a seaplane for a photo flight ride, go for a picnic on a sandbank, join the cooking class, take snorkeling lessons, learn the traditional Maldivian bodu beru or paint with a Maldivian artist. The numbers of activities are limitless. All inclusive holiday packages at Kurumba Maldives offers a retreat package with most of the activities that are available.

The fun doesn’t end there. Groove to live performances by talented local artists of Maldives. Drop your kids of at the Majaa Kids Club where they will spend the day doing exciting indoor and outdoor activities, and step inside the Veli Spa and experience traditional Maldivian remedies or enjoy various styles of yoga.

Kurumba Maldives has won several awards on TripAdvisor which includes Travellers Choice awards for Top Hotels 2015, Top Luxury Hotels 2015 and Top Hotels for Service 2015. This five star hotel has also been awarded No.1 All Inclusive Resort in Asia 2014 and No.3 All Inclusive Resort Worldwide 2014.

Book a holiday at Kurumba with us 

On board Wi-Fi available on Emirates
On board Wi-Fi available on Emirates

On board Wi-Fi available on Emirates

Be in touch with your family and friends from 40,000ft away from the ground now with on board Wi-Fi available on emirates. Stay connected and never miss an important moment even if you’re high up in the sky. Wi-Fi connectivity is installed in Emirates aircraft almost every month and 106 flights of Emirates already offer free Wi-Fi.

Currently, on board Wi-Fi is available on Emirates 59 Airbus A380 aircraft and 47 of Boeing 777 aircraft with GPRS/EDGE services. Free data of 10MB is currently accessible on all A380 aircraft except for three. It is adequate enough to check your messages, emails and social media accounts. But you can still purchase and enjoy 500MB of data for USD 1. This small sum for more data usage is essential to keep the Wi-Fi service up and running.

Currently, Emirates offers Wi-Fi only on a selected number of Boeing 777 aircraft, however they are transforming all Boeing 777 aircraft to be Wi-Fi ready as soon as possible. On long flights, more than 30 percent of passengers use Wi-Fi services. 650,000 customers used on board Wi-Fi available on emirates in 2014 and more than 350,000 used this service since early march this year.

Emirates is currently dedicated to make on board Wi-Fi available on all of their aircraft. Free Wi-Fi may be possible in the future without any extra charges or restrictions.

Emirates offer other services to keep in touch even when you’re in air. Such as mobile roaming, In-seat telephone, on screen email and SMS services.

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Save money with Special Offers
Save money with Special Offers

Save money with Special Offers

If you want to spend your holiday in a luxury resort in Maldives but want to save money at the same time, special offers has got you covered. Almost all the resorts in Maldives offer holiday deals and all inclusive packages throughout the year. So Save money with Special Offers available all year round.

Before making your booking at one of the luxurious resorts in Maldives, make sure you know what type of holiday deals your chosen resort is offering in order to know which one suites you best. If you’re coming to Maldives on your honeymoon, then look for a special honeymoon offer. You can get discounts, free meals, extra nights and other special benefits with your honeymoon offer. It all depends on what resort you pick as each resort in Maldives has different package deals. It is also important to know when you want to visit Maldives as almost all the resorts provide special seasonal offers. Free nights, special meal plans, discounted rates on rooms are available outside of honeymoon packages or seasonal deals as well.

Special offers are perfect for those who are looking for a budget holiday. Some offers last a few weeks while others can last months. So don’t forget to take a look at our website Travel Centre Maldives to know more about the special offers from various resorts that are available. We will be updating regularly so you never have to worry about missing a deal.

Click here to find out the latest special offers from various resorts.

Spend Your Honeymoon in Paradise
Spend Your Honeymoon in Paradise

Spend Your Honeymoon in Paradise

Do you want to Spend Your Honeymoon in Paradise on earth? Then visit Maldives! There’s nothing more romantic than staring at the turquoise ocean while you’re relaxing on the marble white beach under the beaming sun. There are tons of luxury bungalows and villas to choose from that are set over the water or on the beach, divided to give you privacy and surrounded by trees and bushes if you love green!

You can explore the beauty hiding under the stunning blue ocean, take a walk on the beach while the sand caresses your feet, or take a trip to a nearby isolated island where you and your partner will have the whole day to yourself till the sun goes down. Have a dip in a fabulous Jacuzzi or pool and unwind after an adventurous day by stepping inside the luxurious spa. Indulge in an intimate evening with your partner by dining under the beautiful night sky while the stars are twinkling upon you, with exquisite delicacies from around the world made by excellent chefs that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. There are numerous other activities which you can enjoy together as well, and your precious moments can be captured by a professional photographer who will make sure your honeymoon in paradise is remembered forever.

Have the beach wedding you have fantasied about followed by the perfect celebration or renew your vows once again and have the second honeymoon you have always dreamed of. Do not worry if you’re on a budget. There are all-inclusive honeymoon packages and cheap resorts in Maldives just as stunning and excellent as the other that will give you the best budget honeymoon. You can even bring your child with you as there are resorts which will make sure your child is taken care of while you and your partner have an amazing honeymoon. One thing is for certain. Maldives, the honeymoon paradise will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Tell us what you prefer on your honeymoon and we’ll find the perfect resort for you!

One and Only Reethi Rah - KidsOnly


One and Only Reethi Rah has been featured in UK’s leading travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller, as one of ‘The World’s Best Family Hotels 2015: Generation Games.’ This splendid five star resort takes your breath away with its beauty at first glance.

This luxury hotel consists of some of the largest resort villas in the world with 32 water villas set over the crystal clear lagoon water and 96 beach villas sheltered with a verdant surrounding. Known to be one of the finest wedding destinations and one of the best honeymoon spots in Maldives, One and Only Reethi Rah doesn’t back down when it comes to family holidays either.

If you’re looking for a luxury family resort then One and Only Reethi Rah should definitely be at the top of your list. Bring along your kids to this five star hotel on their vacation and they will love every bit of it. For children between the ages of 4 to 9, there’s a complimentary KidsOnly club with exciting activities. This club is equipped with the latest technology, swimming pools, sports area, dining area, clubhouse and arts and crafts to keep your kids entertained for hours that they may never want to leave. Similarly, OneTribe is for the tweens from the age of 9 to 11. OneTribe is an adventurous club situated on the beach where the tweens can hang out and explore.

One and Only Reethi Rah didn’t leave out the teens either. For 12 to 17 year olds, ClubOne is the place to have fun. Filled with numerous activities, adventurous excursions, sports, and exploring of nature, this fun environment is perfect for your teenagers to spend their time without getting bored. Babysitting services are also available to book for babies and toddlers under the age of 4.

If you’re planning on visiting one of the world’s best family hotels then do choose One and Only Reethi Rah, with all-inclusive vacation packages, your whole family will love spending the holiday at this luxury resort in Maldives.

Book a holiday at One and Only Reethi Rah right here

The Best Time to Visit Maldives
The Best Time to Visit Maldives

The Best Time to Visit Maldives

When you hear the word ‘Maldives’ you imagine the alluring blue ocean, milky-white beaches, tropical palm trees and a continuously beaming golden sun. However, even the Sunny Side of Life has its grey days. Even though the sun usually shimmers on the beautiful cerulean sea, Maldives do go through occasional showers of rain.

To decide on the best time to visit Maldives you should first be familiar with two seasons known as Monsoons. The dry season is called ‘North East Monsoon (Iruvai)’ and the wet season is called ‘South West Monsoon (Hulhangu).’ Even on the dry season it may drizzle every now and then, however the sunbeams more upon Maldives during this period which lasts from December to April. Similarly, the sun does shine on the wet season although the weather is less stable with higher chance of rainfall and the sky is greyer with strong wind blowing. But, temperatures remains constant at about 28ºC to 30ºC throughout the year, which means wet season or dry, you will never be too cold.

When it comes to choosing the best time to visit Maldives, the resorts have two seasons too. A high season and a low season. The high season is from December to April and the low season is from May to November. The prices may vary depending on the season however there are tons of cheap holiday packages which will make your holiday in Maldives worthwhile.

For water sports such as surfing, the best time to visit Maldives is from March to October. For diving, it is good all-round the year and relies upon the weather and the current of the water. If you are visiting Maldives in the low season, then the best dive spots are on the western sides of the atolls and during high season, the eastern side.

When it comes to spending your vacation in Maldives, there is never a wrong time to visit. Even during the high season, resorts will not be overly crowded. We have plenty of luxury resorts with maximum privacy and cheap holiday deals to make your trip worthwhile. Finally, deciding on the best time to visit Maldives should be based on your desires and preferences. If you want to be under the sun and feel the warmth of the sand on your feet then high season is the way to go. But if you don’t mind the occasional droplets of rain, cloudy sky with a little humidity while the sun still up then low season is just as good.

If you book with Travel Centre Maldives, we will personally ensure that every little detail is taken care of and you get the perfect resort depending on your preferences to have the best holiday in Maldives.

Honours Legacy Maldives Cruise
Honours Legacy Maldives Cruise

Exploring Maldives in a Cruise

Embark on an adventurous journey through the tranquil Indian Ocean by exploring Maldives in a Cruise. Discover the Sunny Side of Life by climbing aboard one of the many magnificent luxury Cruises. Wine and dine with delicious cuisines from around the world, entertain yourself with various activities, and be pampered with excellent service throughout the journey while being surrounded by all the facilities you need.

If you do not like staying in one place for too long during your vacation then exploring Maldives in a Cruise is best suited for you. Get the chance to go island hopping and admire the stunning milky beaches of several atolls in Maldives. Enjoy a number of water sports such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Surfing, Swimming and numerous other activities that will make your trip worthwhile

List of Cruises in Maldives


Amphibiya is a luxurious cruiser with lavishing restaurants, a saloon, a pub and a hospitable crew of 8. This luxury cruise accommodates 20 passengers, with 6 under-deck cabins and 2 upper-deck suites with double beds.

Hope Cruiser

Discover the beauty of Maldives with this 27 meters long motor live aboard cruiser that houses 6 comfortable cabins with one double sized bed on the bottom and a single sized bed on the top.


Wander the salty ocean with this elegant Cruise that has 5 lower-deck cabins, 1 main deck cabin and 2 upper-deck executive suites for 18 guests.

Atoll Explorer

Explore Maldives with this Live Aboard cruise with 6 upper-deck cabins with a small balcony, 2 upper-deck cabins with a large balcony and 12 upper-deck or main deck cabins with picture windows. Explore Maldives with this magnificent Cruise and indulge in first class Maldivian hospitality.

Honors Legacy

Hop on this luxury Yacht which will leave you in awe with its beautiful architecture and interiors. This excellently designed vessel takes in 20 guests and has 7 Superior Cabins on the accommodation deck and 2 Ocean View Suites on the bridge deck.

Make your trip a memorable on a floating hotel by exploring Maldives in a cruise and have an aquatic experience like no other.

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Private Residence at Soneva Fushi
6 Bedroom Private Residence at Soneva Fushi

Own a Private Residence at Soneva Fushi

Now you can own a Private Residence at Soneva Fushi Resort, known as the original desert island hideaway located in Baa Atoll, Maldives. The beautiful island is just a 35 minute journey by seaplane from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. However, if you’re arriving after sunset then a 30 minute flight will take you to Dharavandhoo Airport followed by 10 minutes on a speedboat to the floating jetty, which is called Soneva Fushi International Airport.

Soneva Fushi Maldives houses fifty five spacious luxury villas and Private Residences which can be rented or purchased for private ownership. All Private Residences at Soneva Fushi are located in a secluded area with a land that stretches onto 4860 square meters. You can choose from one to nine bedroom luxury villas that are beautifully designed and own a Private Residence for as little as a week or up to a year, depending on your preference. Owning a Private Residence at Soneva Fushi has it benefits, which includes; 20% discount on all resort services at any Soneva Resort and generating income from the property when you’re away upon getting enrolled in the villa rental program.

The 4-bedroom Jungle Reserve is the first ever Private Residence owned by a foreigner in the Maldives. Each Private Residence includes a large swimming pool, master bedroom, guest suites and spa suites, walk-in dressing area and a kitchen, dining area , study and lounge area, spacious indoor/outdoor bathrooms, Bose sound system with flat screen TV and a docking station for a personal iPod. All Private Residences at Soneva Fushi can be customized upon request to best suite your needs.

If you desire privacy, yet crave lavishing accommodation, breath-taking scenarios and want to purchase a property at the Sunny Side of Life then owning a Private Residence at Soneva Fushi is the way to go.

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